Sex and love in Asia


This domain initially addressed primarily Western foreigners who come to, or live in, Asia for the sexual opportunities they can find in this part of the world.

But this site is not and was NEVER a guide to prostitution. Sex with prostitutes is miserable quality. Furthermore, there is no, and never was, pornography on this domain, not in graphics and not in text. Just like conduct with prostitutes, pornography is miserable sex.

Anyway you turn it, my concern is superb sex. Sex that is so good that it totally makes me forget the senselessness of my existence, and the fact that death usually is accompanied by agony. Sex that makes me think: Never mind anything else. Just feel so good.

Not all sex is like that. A lot of sex is just normal. And I have a very limited interest in such normal-feeling sex. I am in it for the ultimate excitement, again and again.

I believe that deep inside, every man feels like this. Most men just cannot articulate it properly.

To some degree, one can improve sexual excitement pharmacologically. But this is not my department. My good friend Serge Kreutz is an expert on that, and as far as I understand his articles, his favorite intervention is with tongkat ali.

Yes, of course, our brains are chemical reactors, and for the male brain, the best output of these reactors is sexual excitement.

But our brains do not only react on the input of chemical substances. Our brains also react on sensory input via our eyes and touch receptors, and, proably to a lesser extend, the ears and nose.

And that's not the whole story yet. Our brains also create phantasies, and derive sexual excitement from phantasies, if they are appropriate.

I do not have enough background in biochemistry to compete with Serge Kreutz on issues of pharmacological intervention to improve sexual experience. I am just a user of some pharmacological tools, including tongkat ali.

But I am an expert in an other field of research. I have lived in Asia for more than 30 years, and Aia is and always was the continent for the best sex. Yes, Asia has changed tremendously in these 30 years, largely due to the interference of Western feminazis. But I still know where to find the kicks that make my sexual experience much, much better than what men normally can achieve.

These kicks are extremely important. The quality of my brain depends on optimal sexual stimulation and satisfaction. And so does my health overall.

Actually, you cannot overestimate the effect of optimal sexual experience on a man's health. Human bodies, just as the physiologcal fraes of all forms of life, are sophisticated self-repair systems. And absolutely no degree of scientific medical intervention can match the power of physiological self-repair loops.

And how to fine-tune and optimize these self-repair loops? Via optimal sexual experience. Period.

Optimal sexual pleasure is not just a matter of enjoying life. To a certain degree, it protects against cancer, brain deterioration, accidents, and about any minor ailment you can think of.

That is why I will never compromise when the issue is sexual exerience. I want, and I need, the best sex that I could think of. And that is why I am in Asia, and have been here for more than 30 years.


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