Women having sex outside marriage should be hanged: Abu Azmi

India, April 12, 2014 – daily Pioner

A day after Samajwadi Party chief Mulyam Singh Singh put his foot in his mouth when he said that “boys do make mistakes” but handing out them capital punishment for rape was “unfair,” his party’s senior Maharashtra leader Abu Azmi struck more insensitive chord, saying that a girl or woman indulging in consensual sex with a man outside marriage should be hanged.

“Obviously. No parents in our Indian culture would agree if their daughter goes out with another man and indulges in something wrong. But, as per Islam, if a girl does it, she will be hanged. Similarly if there’s rape of a girl, then the rapist should be hanged. Again as per Islam, if boy and girl go to a hotel, have consensual sex and when their wrong-doing comes to light, both of them should be banned (from the community) and punished… As per Islam, both girl and boy should be hanged till death,” Azmi said here on Friday.

Azmi’s statement came as part of an interview published in a leading afternoon city tabloid in the morning and later in the day he made similar remarks in his interaction with the television channels.

Azmi’s remarks sparked widespread angry reactions in the social media. His son Farhan Azmi, who is contesting the Lok Sabha polls as a SP nominee sitting Congress MP from Mumbai north-central constituency, and daughter-in-law Ayesha Taikia made no bones about their embarrassment over the family patriarch’s controversial remarks.

Distancing herself and her husband from Sr Azmi’s remarks, the model-turned-actress Taikia tweeted: “If wot I am reading about my father in laws statements r true then me and Farhan are deeply embarrassed n ashamed… We surely do nottt share this mindset…its disrespectful to women. if these statements are true then its sad”.

Angry reactions poured in on the social media. “He should be immediately arrested shocking — Women having sex should be hanged, says Abu Azmi,” Filmmaker Onir tweeted.

Actor-director Farhan Akhtar, who launched the social campaign Men Against Rape and Discrimination (MARD) after the December 16, 2012 Delhi gang-rape, tweeted: “Cannot get over Yadav’s comment on rapists — ‘Boys will be boys. They make mistakes’. It’s pathetic. Abu Azmi meanwhile, wants to hang women who willingly have sex. I think he needs to hang up his boots & seek medical attention ASAP”.

Actor Arjun Rampal tweeted: “The comments by our political giants on rape victims are downright appalling. Let those boys make the same mistakes on their mothers and sisters.” Meanwhile, Farhan Azmi went on a tweeting spree, seeking to damage control the situation.


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Russian women are paying for their household services with sex

Russia, Mar 15, 2017 – Asianage

The women in Buryatia in eastern Siberia have decided to pay the plumbers and other people with a date if not sex

People are forced to do a variety of things for the lack of money and while it might be surprising, not many have a choice. Russia is currently facing an economic crisis and the women have decided to deal with it in the most unique way possible by having sex with the people who provide the household services.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the new trend which has struck Buryatia in eastern Siberia is allowing residents to allow the exchange of services like installing new furniture and even dog walking. The people have also created a special online community for this service. A community in the Lake Baikal region claims that it is intended for ‘mutually beneficial encounters’ where people can swap services for sex and offer sex for services too.

While there are many who are offering sex, there are others who have stated the frequency of sex and the rest are willing to go out on dates with the person providing the household traditional service.


Trial of HIV-Infected Man Over Ritual Sex

Africa, NOVEMBER 18, 2016 – All Africa

A man infected with the HIV virus, who has been accused of sleeping with 100 girls and women in a series of ritual cleansing acts, was due to go on trial in Malawi on Friday.

The 45-year-old HIV-infected man faces charges which include grievous bodily harm and was repeatedly denied bail.

He is said to have slept with at least 104 women and girls, some as young as 12, in a ritual that lasts three days. He said each family paid him a fee of between $4 ( 3.80 euros) and $7.

The little-known local practice of having sex with adolescent girls to mark their passage to womanhood is performed in southern Malawi by men known as “hyenas” at the behest of a girl’s parents after her first menstruation.

The ritual is believed to train girls to become good wives and protect them from disease, or misfortune could fall on their families or their village.

Malawi, which has one of the highest HIV infections in the world, criminalises sex with a person under the age of 16.

If found guilty of underage sex, the man could be imprisoned for life. A verdict is expected on Friday.


Gulf sex shop offers more than just edible underwear

China, June 1, 2010 – China Post

MANAMA — Usually veiled and wearing a modest, flowing abaya, Khadija Ahmed looks an unlikely owner of the conservative Gulf’s first sex shop.

She sees nothing wrong, however, with selling “joy jelly,” edible undies or the vibrating accoutrements offered by such niche boutiques around the world, insisting that nothing in Islam forbids the pleasures of the bedroom.

“It’s not a sex shop in the Western sense,” she explained, “but a place to help married couples, and only married couples, enjoy sex to the full.”

Ahmed, who admits that she cannot, of course, check identity cards to see whether clients are married or not, got the idea for the business as she came to realise how many men and women were having extra-marital affairs.

Her shop, named Dar Khadija, aims “to provide a service to married couples by making their sex lives more exciting than the lure of an affair.”

“Why do married men and women go looking for love elsewhere? Because of the routine that couples fall into.”

If whips and leather bondage suits are what you’re seeking to pep up your sex life then you won’t find them in Dar Khadija.

Nevertheless, it does offer risque bedroom accessories and kinky lingerie, plus a selection of ladies’ clothing which range from jeans and tops to fancy evening dresses and embroidered abayas.

And edible underwear.

“The feedback from the clientele has been good. One of my customers told me that I saved his marriage, just as he was about to get divorced,” she said.

“That makes me happy as I told myself I might have helped a couple to stay together and a family has not broken up.”

Ahmed, 32, launched Dar Khadija online in 2007 and goods were available by mail order only. However, as business prospered she secured permission for a shop, the only one of its kind in the Gulf.

In neighboring Saudi Arabia, with its notoriously strict brand of Sunni Islam, such an outlet would be unthinkable.


Dimapur police busts call girl racket

India, March 9, 2016 – The Assam Tribune

DIMAPUR, March 9 – Dimapur police busted a call girl racket and apprehended three persons in connection with the illicit trade being run in Dimapur and in bordering Lahorijan area of Assam.
The three accused have been arrested for their involvement in the illegal flesh trade. Police sources said the three accused have been dealing with call girls from Dimapur to satisfy customers in nearby Lahorijan area in Assam.

The three arrested have been identified as Hari Kumar Debbarma alias Rahul, 27, son of Usha Ranjan Debbarma of Doyal Sanghpara village under Sonamura district in Tripura and presently residing near Sunday Bazaar in Burma Camp Colony, Suken Das, 36, son of Narayan Das of Longka village under Karimganj district in Assam and presently residing at Signal Bosti, Dimapur and Anil Baishya, 35, son of Makan Baishya of Nagaon district in Assam and permanently residing at Lahorijan near Sunday market.

Two of the traffickers, Hari Kumar and Suken Das, were arrested from Dimapur on March 3 along with a group of Naga girls considered to be victims of sex trafficking while their accomplice Anil Baishya was caught the next day by a team of Dimapur police.

All the three accused have confessed to their crimes, police sources said. It was learnt that the three traffickers were involved in the illicit business for almost a year.

According to police, the three arrested pimps started as contact persons of girls from Dimapur, but later they set up their own network as autonomous pimps after building better contacts with call girls. The pimps used to take their share of money both from the clients and call girls.

The arrested pimps disclosed to police that the price varies from Rs 1,000 to Rs 10,000 per customer, depending on the beauty and age of the call girl. The younger and more beautiful the girl is, higher the charge, they said. The customers are both from Assam and Nagaland.

The girls involved in the sex racket were said to be mostly Naga girls who run after easy money and comfortable lifestyle. Even some college going students were reportedly earning easy money by involving in the lucrative business.

It has also come to light that the business had not only been a night affair, but even a day hang-out affair in hotels and restaurants at Lahorijan and nearby areas on a daily basis.

The three arrested traffickers are now in Dimapur police custody.