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Plastic surgery horror stories: 'I had Vaseline injected in my willy!'

WARNING: CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES After botched cosmetic jobs, these patients were left in pain and distraught but luckily help was at hand

07:00, 19 APR 2015

More Brits than ever are turning to cosmetic surgery to boost their looks.

But when it goes wrong, things can turn very ugly, as plastic-surgeon-to-the-stars Dr Vik Vijh knows only too well.

He’s come to the rescue of many victims of botched ops, including these…

'My ears were sewn to my neck'

Essex bank worker Belinda Draper, 57, opted to have a cheap facelift in Turkey in 2011. It turned out to be the biggest mistake of her life…

Belinda was distraught about her botched face lift (Photo: TLC) When mum-of-four Belinda jetted off for a sunshine break in September 2011, she couldn’t wait to hang out at a Turkish villa with a girlfriend.

Both were planning to have cosmetic surgery, then recuperate together by the pool, cocktail in hand. Belinda, then 52, had opted to have a facelift with a surgeon her friend had recommended.

"It was supposed to give me a boost," explains Belinda. "I was getting jowly and feeling low. I’d been through a difficult time with a bereavement and felt tired and worn out."

Belinda used all of her savings to pay for the £2,800 op, and was initially thrilled with the results. "At first I loved it – I had fresh, plumped-up skin."

But after about nine months, the scars in front of her ears became more and more noticeable, like giant pale stretch marks down the side of her face.

It turned out the surgeon had just pulled the skin taut and failed to tighten the underlying muscles and structure, which is normally done in a successful facelift. Over time, gravity had caused her skin to drop and pull.

"Basically, my ears had ended up being stitched onto the skin of my neck. I had a patchwork of scars that looked terrible. I was gutted."

To try to disguise the problem, Belinda always wore her hair down, but her confidence was shattered.

"I hated sitting next to anyone in case they looked at me from the side. On a windy day I’d panic my hair would get blown around and expose the mess. People did occasionally gasp, 'What’s that scarring?' and I’d have to admit I’d had a bad facelift. I felt so down."

Refusing to return to the surgeon who had caused the problem, Belinda instead went to a local salon where she tried 'skin needling’ – injections into the scar to try to boost collagen and encourage healing.

She even tried getting it tattooed the same colour as the rest of her face in a bid to camouflage it, but to no avail.

Dr Vik Vijh has come to the rescue of many victims of botched ops "I went to a different surgeon for advice," says Belinda, "but he said he couldn’t promise better results and it would cost £8,000, which I didn’t have. I thought I’d have to live like that for the rest of my life, and every time I looked in the mirror I felt terrible."

In the end, Dr Vijh came to Belinda’s rescue after she spotted an advert to appear on a TV show for free corrective surgery. "As soon as he said he could fix me, I was thrilled," she smiles.

In October 2014, Belinda underwent a complicated seven-hour operation. Dr Vijh needed to carry out another full face and neck lift – properly this time – to get rid of the scarring.

Once the swelling had subsided, Belinda could admire Dr Vijh’s skilled handiwork.

"Everything was so neat, the stitches were tiny," she says. "At last my ear lobes were back in the right place!"

In fact, Belinda is now so happy, she often has her hair up and even wears earrings, something she couldn’t do before.

"Finally people have stopped staring at me, and I can go out if it’s windy – it’s wonderful. I would advise anyone thinking about having plastic surgery to do their research. And if a deal seems too good to be true, it usually is."

'I had Vaseline injected in my willy!'

Szilveszter, 24, from Bolton, suffered from a terribly botched penis enlargement...

Szilveszter -Extreme Beauty Disasters-TLC

To fix Szilveszter's problem, the penis had to be skinned like a banana (Photo: TLC)

Feeling self-conscious about the size of his penis, Szilveszter was convinced by a friend that it was common practice to insert hot Vaseline into his willy, which left it painful, lumpy and misshapen.

"I was talking to my friend about wanting to lose weight so my penis would look bigger when he replied, 'You don’t need to lose weight – I can help you.'"

After his friend gave him the injections, Szilveszter, a dad of one, was thrilled. But a few months later problems began.

"It was painful and bleeding. I went to my GP, but he said he couldn’t help me. Szilveszter was devastated. His willy was too sore and inflamed to get an erection.

"It hurt so much I had to stop having sex with my wife. It was the worst mistake of my life."

Szilveszter feared he and his wife would never be able to have more children, and that he’d end up losing his family. Once again, Dr Vijh came to the rescue. The surgeon was astounded by the damage that had been done.

"I’ve been doing plastic surgery for 20 years and I’ve never seen this," he says. "There were large, hard, tender lumps where the body had formed scar tissue around the petroleum jelly. The foreskin was 15 times as swollen as it should be."

It was the first time Dr Vijh had ever performed such a corrective op, which involved skinning the penis like a banana, removing the lumps, then stitching it back up.

Szilveszter was terrified, but, incredibly, the op was a success, and he’s regained his sex life.

"My wife is very happy and I am happy," he grins. "We both want another baby."

'My boob looked like a croissant'

Alison, 43, a retail worker from Gloucestershire, needed 13 breast operations to correct a toxic boob job…

Alison, Extreme Beauty Disasters, boob op before and after

A straightforward breast augmentation turned into a six-year living hell for Alison. One of her implants hardened and needed to be taken out, then an infection caused the breast tissue to rot away, leaving her horribly disfigured.

"I hated the way I looked," says Alison. "I just wanted to feel like a normal woman again and have two boobs."

When Dr Vijh first saw her shockingly concave boob, he was appalled. "She had an imploded breast, it looked like a croissant."

The risks of corrective surgery are 10 times higher than normal surgery, yet painstakingly, over 13 operations, the skilled surgeon transferred stomach fat to her breast until there was enough to support a new implant.

Alison now feels reborn. "I’m over the moon, I feel so feminine," she smiles.

In fact, she’s so happy with her new curves she flashes them at her other half daily! "Everything is back to normal. It’s put a smile back on my face."

Extreme Beauty Disasters starts this Thursday, TLC, 8pm.


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Surgeon claims simple injection can increase size of penis by 2 inches'


Mar 22, 2017, 4:55 pm

The procedure only takes 10 minutes and the only precaution needed is skipping sex for few days.

As discussions about sex increase, age old beliefs about intercourse, orgasm and satisfaction in bed are being talked about more. One of the most highly debated concepts is the difference caused by the size of a man’s penis to the overall experience.

But this doesn’t stop a lot of men from seeking to increase the size of their penis, and they employ various techniques from diet to devices and even potentially harmful measures. In this situation, a surgeon has stepped in to introduce a new method which can increase the size of a man’s member by two inches in circumference.

All it takes is a simple injection and a procedure that lasts only for 10 minutes. There’s not even need for a recovery period, as people can just get back to work after the process. The idea is to draw blood from a person’s body and inject it into their penis to increase size.

The only precaution to be taken after this is not having sex for few days, and this procedure was inspired by Botox as well as a treatment used in sports where muscles are revived by injecting a person’s blood back in their own body.

So as long as the girth of the penis goes, this simple new procedure seems to be a major boost.


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Hilfreiche Mittel zur Steigerung der Potenz

Wenn die Manneskraft versiegt, helfen Potenzmittel

Düsseldorf (RPO). Ob chemische oder natürliche Potenzmittel: für fast jeden Mann gibt es hilfreiche Produkte, wenn es im Bett einmal nicht mehr richtig funktioniert.

Von Erektionsstörungen könnte fast jeder Mann berichten: Das erigierte Glied kann nicht lange genug gehalten werden oder bleibt einfach schlaff. Diese Situation ist für ein Paar sehr frustrierend, vor allem, wenn die Impotenz hartnäckig ist und monatelang anhält. Die Ursachen für Impotenz sind vielfältig, Stress und Alkohol, aber auch organische oder psychische Krankheiten können diese Störung auslösen. Für viele Männer ist deshalb, bevor sie den Gang zum Arzt wagen, ein Gedanke naheliegend: Potenzmittel. Für Frauen ist dieser Schritt meist nicht nachvollziehbar, doch dass diese Hilfsmittel helfen können, zeigen wissenschaftliche Studien.

Vorsicht beim Kauf von erektionssteigernden Mitteln

Männer, die gegen ihre Erektionsstörungen Potenzmittel kaufen wollen, sollten nicht unbedacht zu irgendeinem rezeptfreien Produkt greifen. Es wird dringend davon abgeraten, chemische Potenzmittel ohne ärztliche Untersuchung einzunehmen, da sie nicht ungefährlich sind. Im Ausland Potenzmittel zu bestellen ist ebenfalls zu vermeiden. Je nachdem, in welchem Land die Mittel gekauft werden, können die Substanzen des jeweiligen Potenzmittels anders zusammengesetzt und deshalb gefährlich sein. Die Absprache mit dem Arzt sowie der Vergleich von Produkten in einem Potenzmittel Test können helfen, ein individuelles Präparat zu finden, das tatsächlich zu befriedigenderem Sex führt.

Welche Mittel können bei Erektionsstörungen helfen?

Neben den bekannten chemischen Produkten wie Viagra gibt es eine Vielzahl natürlicher Mittel auf dem deutschen Markt, die gut verträglich und sehr wirkungsvoll sind. Diese Produkte basieren zu 100 % auf natürlichen Stoffen, die unter strengsten Qualitätskriterien hergestellt werden. Viele der Präparate sind sogar für Diabetiker bedenkenlos anwendbar, wobei immer Rücksprache mit einem Arzt oder Apotheker gehalten werden sollte. Neben den natürlichen Potenzpillen ist auch die Einnahme pflanzlicher Mittel für so manchen Mann ein Garant für eine stabilere Erektionsfähigkeit: Ginseng, Maca oder Butea superba werden potenzsteigernde Wirkung nachgesagt.


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Man gets max sentence for ‘torture’ of a 1-year-old in Jefferson County

WTOV9 Fox | by Jessica Haberley

The man who assaulted a 12-month-old child, causing serious injuries and life-long complications, received the maximum sentence on Tuesday by Jefferson County Common Pleas Judge Michael Miller.

Daniel Saunders was accused of breaking numerous bones in the child's body and causing head trauma when he yanked and shook the boy, who is now 3 years old.

And he was in court, wearing the helmet he needs to protect his head because his skull had to be removed on both sides to release the pressure on his brain when it swelled.

He was wearing the glasses he needs because he went blind for months. His vision is still not fully restored.

And during the hearing, he played and crawled around like kids do, but his life will be much different than most, because of what happened to him as a baby.

This happened in Jefferson County in April 2015.

He is now being cared for by his grandmother.

“You are a monster and a coward and you are a pathetic excuse for a human being,” his grandmother Susan Klan said. “You tortured a 1-year-old little boy for 14, days, 14!”

Saunders admitted he was on drugs when he yanked the child and fell down the stairs with him.

“His brain injury and his shunt are unseen lasting injuries, but these unseen injuries can become deadly for him at any time,” Klan said.

Klan begged the judge to impose the maximum sentence. Saunders' attorney suggested 5 or 6 years would be appropriate, saying Saunders has taken responsibility for his actions.

The judge imposed the maximum, 8 years in prison, and no contact with the victim or family.

“All children want to be cared for and loved and made safe,” Miller said. “That's exactly the opposite of what you did. This child laid in the ICU and will now suffer at your hands for the rest of his life.”

-- The victim's mother was also in court to plead guilty to child endangerment. Amanda Rogers failed to properly care for the child.

She will be sentenced next month, and could be ordered to serve up to 3 years in prison.


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